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Reece Theriot

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Tristin came to Fulcrum with very little sales experience- but you would never know. He went through our rigorous Apprenticeship Program, which includes training, coaching, role-playing, and real-world prospecting experience. He came on full-time after that and has been non-stop ever since! Whether it’s making 100+ calls a week or setting appointments for our clients, Tristin’s […]

If you or anyone on your team has ever successfully implemented a sales and marketing campaign, we congratulate you on a job well done. As you know, these types of campaigns are a labor of love- a mixture of calculated risks, trial-and-error, scientific tests, and good ole fashioned chance. But, do not be afraid. If […]

In a previous post, we have discussed the importance of understanding, on both a personal and professional level, the decision-makers and influences of your target market. We also talked about the importance of identifying that aspect of your business’s offering that truly makes it uniquely remarkable and competitive. This intel is the core of your sales […]

As we have mentioned in a previous post, whoever is building and deploying the sales and marketing campaign should take the time to properly gather the necessary intel to best prepare for a successful sales and marketing campaign. You will want to leverage this intel to properly prepare an efficient and effective approach. This is not […]