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Outsource Your Sales Prospecting


If you or anyone on your team has ever successfully implemented a sales and marketing campaign, we congratulate you on a job well done. As you know, these types of campaigns are a labor of love- a mixture of calculated risks, trial-and-error, scientific tests, and good ole fashioned chance. But, do not be afraid. If you closely monitor your efforts and the results of those efforts, you are sure to walk away from any campaign with a victory.

Not all victories are measured in dollars and cents. Even when a campaign is not financially successful, there are a plethora of lessons buried within the data. If you are to grow your business, it is vital that you look to learn from sales and marketing just as much as you look to earn.

What sort of growing pains might you experience in your business?

Although each one of our clients has thoroughly enjoyed seeing their calendars fill with sales appointments; they must also deal with the fact that these prospects will take some time to turn into new business. Each sale has a sales cycle- the amount of time it takes to court a prospect through the various milestones along their buying journey (learn more here). This journey can take a toll on you and your team- fortunately, we are here to help you!

As new business comes through the door and revenues increase so too must your capacity for production increase. You may need to hire new staff, purchase new equipment or expand your operations. What’s more is that for a period of time, you will feel busier than ever. The good news is, you are spending your time with prospective customers!

Outsourcing sales and marketing versus hiring employees.

Chances are, you have already engaged a marketing agency to help you grow your business. You may have realized that these agencies construct their pricing agreements so that you are taking on all the risks. High retainer fees and up-front investments put the burden of failure completely on your shoulders.

Furthermore, internalizing a sales and marketing team is even more risky since you will have to purchase all the tooling, recruit candidates, hire and train candidates, manage new hires and lead them to success (all before seeing a return on your investment of time and money).

By hiring us here at Fulcrum Sales & Marketing you avoid both. Our pricing constructs are built around performance- ensuring that your biggest expenses will only come when you win big.

What will you get when working with Fulcrum Sales & Marketing?

We have several different services to review and choose from.

Here at Fulcrum Sales & Marketing, we build sales and marketing campaigns with our clients and implement them on their behalf. Our professionally trained sales team identifies leads, qualifies leads and sets appointments with those leads and your team. Our first step in working together is gathering information. Next, we leverage the information gathered to begin developing the right tools. Third, we deploy a sales and marketing campaign on your behalf. Finally, we refine the campaign and optimize it for your business’s growth. Whether it be inbound marketing services (lead generation), outbound marketing services (appointment setting) or sales consulting/training – our goal is to Grow.

Outsource Your Sales Prospecting

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