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approached Fulcrum with a new technology being launched in a market that was unknown to the client’s executive team and/or sales team. Fulcrum was engaged to conduct market research to develop a sales strategy and approach. In addition, lead lists and contact databases were built by Fulcrum from scratch. A sales team was trained and an outreach campaign was developed leveraging email, telephone and other channels of communication to begin reaching out to decision makers and key influencers. 


Several iterations of approach and messaging were conducted to find an approach that produced qualified leads. Sales pressentations began to be scheduled and thus the iteration through the sales conversation began. Fulcrum developed a sales deck that was used by both the client’s team and Fulcrum’s team when having sales conversations with prospects. 


Fulcrum followed-up with prospects accordingly, answering technical and logistical questions in tandem with the client manufacturer to the point at which orders began to insure. Fulcrum continued to follow-up with prospects to obtain feedback on delivery and figure out ways to drive utilization and adoption. 


Target: Active Duty Military Bases throughout the US

SQL: 36

Accounts: 9 net new accounts open (100% growth)

Close Rate: 27%

Goal: +$43,200.00 in net new revenues booked

Pipeline: +$2.5M in pipeline revenues generated

Actual: +$341,000 in net new revenues closed

Profit: +$120,000 in profit generated

ROI: +350%

Timeline: < 9 Months

for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers throughout the Gulf South region. The client understands how important it is to reach out and develop strong relationships with healthcare executives across the U.S.

Our team devloped an outbound sales and marketing strategy for those states in which the client’s penetration was lacking. Fulcrum’s team identified, qualified, and engaged decision-makers while managing all sales outreach and inbound inquiries.


661 leads identified and worked

10 sales meetings conducted

$1.5M in revenue closed

+3044% ROI

provides numerous cardiology services to patients and hospital partners throughout the nation. Currently, they are expanding their Telecardiology Service Program to rural hospitals, critical access hospitals and tertiary hospital systems nationwide.


The client was prepared to invest in a sales team but wanted to be certain that their force was robust, proven, and successful at building appropriate, sustainable, and value-added customer relationships – Enter Fulcrum. Fulcrum has been charged with developing and refining an outbound sales and marketing strategy. In addition, Fulcrum is fully executing said strategy and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

+5000 sales activities conducted

+85 executive-level sales meetings conducted

+25 contracts in pipeline

4 contracts secured

+$2M in revenue generated

+700% ROI

retained Fulcrum Sales & Marketing, LLC in April of 2021 to help co-create an outreach strategy for two newly acquired partners, Whetstone and Connect, and their product lines. SchoolMint’s ideal customer profile was loosely defined as principals and district leaders within public/private schools and public-school districts.


Fulcrum fully immersed their team into the client’s workflow and sales development team, working seamlessly with VP and Director-level leadership. Fulcrum’s team consisted of four Sales Development Reps, one Sales Manager and one Sales Enablement Rep which supported the client’s four internal sales development reps spread across multiple states.


The ideal customer profile’s definition was honed in through iterative testing and market validation. Key market insights, such as, frequently raised objections, competitors, decision making chains in large district, etc. were revealed and shared with the client’s leadership. Results of effort are below:

61 sales presentations booked (MQLs)

36 meetings conducted (SQLs on a 59% conversion)

5 net new school districts landed (14% conversion)

90 day average meeting to contract cycle

retained Fulcrum in December of 2021 to help co-create and execute an outreach strategy, from the ground up. The cleint has historically faced a challenge with positioning itself in the EdTech marketplace. With a vast amount of point solutions existing under a wide umbrella of services, The client’s team is faced with creating, testing, and selecting the very best and few go-to-market strategies that best showcase their value proposition. 


Over the initial six months of outreach, Fulcrum was able to research, enrich, and clean over 2,500 contacts that match directly with the client’s ICP. Over 9,000 outreach activities have been conducted.


+30 meetings landed

+20 meetings conducted

+6 net new customers landed

90 day average meeting to contract cycle

along with the USDA desired to develop a statistically relevant survey instrument, contact independent cattlemen, conduct telephone surveys, collect voice of customer data, and analyze said data to gather statistical findings and insights within the independent cattleman farming community of Vermillion Parish, Louisiana.


3 month deadline

300+ independent cattlemen contacted

140+ independent cattlemen surveyed

30+ page statistical report developed

of managed security and patrol services engaged Fulcrum Sales & Marketing in the Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans territories to conduct outreach and secure sales opportunities for their sales executives.


Fulcrum’s team worked tirelessly to to develop an outbound sales and marketing strategy, identify sales leads, engage decision makers and secure sales meetings with hard-to-crack accounts across the territory.


90-day timeline

+1000 sales activities conducted

+35 face-to-face meetings secured

29 proposals requested

+$750,000 of pipeline generated


Sales qualified lead generation

Reece Theriot

Founder & CEO
Outsourced sales agency

Patrick Hundley

Operations Director
Prospecting services

Brian Dupont

Business Development Director
Business Development Agency

Tristin Tauzin

Business Development Director
Sales development agency

Bret Blanchard

Business Development Director
Cold calling services

Dillion Bordelon

Business Development Director
Prospecting services

Ericka Dees

Outsourced sales agency

Lauren Schoeffler

Enablement Exceutive

Cameron Nelson

Enablement Director
Sales development agency

Anna Guillory

Business Development Representative

Stan Allen

Business Development Representative

Edna Doucet

Enablement Specialist

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we invest the time, energy, and money up-front to establish a strong trust-based relationship grounded in agreement and proper expectation.


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This serves as our fixed operating budget to provide you with the strategy, advisement, labor, tools, leads, dashboards, etc. needed to execute a world-class proactive sales effort. Performance rewards added.


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Anyone who has sold anything understands that greatness in sales takes time. We understand that better than anyone. We are committed to you and need time to execute, build pipeline, refine, and scale.

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Monitor + Refine = Results

Our team is insatiable about driving results on your behalf. We constantly monitor your campaign, provide you with market insights, test approaches, and lean in on what works to drive results.

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Once our teams mesh and begin seeing consistent and predictable results, we work with you to develop a scalable construct so that your business can grow in the best way possible.

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