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The Art of Closing training taught us how to recognize and match the behavior and energy of different types of people, including those who are Dominant, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance-oriented (D.I.S.C.). By mirroring their behavior and tapping into their psychology, it becomes easier to build rapport and trust with them. Enjoy this segment from the […]

This month I wanted to share some perspective on what I call, The Value Formula. In my explanation below, I go through each variable and the formula that they make up. The variable X will be the perceived value from a consumer, while the Y variable equates to the cost of time, money, or energy. […]

The Art of Closing Training provided valuable insights and practical tools for salespeople to improve their communication skills and increase their sales success. By understanding the psychology behind their clients’ behavior and needs, salespeople can tailor their approach to individuals better and build stronger relationships. Enjoy this segment from the training on Mindset.

In this EOY recap, Reece Theriot goes over the work done and progress made for our clients throughout 2022. We also get a look at what to expect from Fulcrum in this upcoming New Year. Thank you all for your continued support throughout this year, we’re so ready for what’s to come in 2023!

As the founder of Fulcrum Sales & Marketing, Reece Theriot, tells the story of his professional journey that led to Fulcrum. Established in July 2018, our company came to be from of an undeniable interest in outbound sales and creating new fruitful relationships. Check-out this video to hear the story!