Results Matter to Us

Check out some of the results we’ve achieved for a few clients.

YPS Anesthesia

YPS Anesthesia is a managed anesthesia service provider for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers throughout the Gulf South region. YPS understands how important it is to reach out and develop strong relationships with healthcare executives across the U.S.

Our team devloped an outbound sales and marketing strategy for those states in which YPS’s penetration was lacking. Fulcrum’s team identified, qualified, and engaged decision-makers while managing all sales outreach and inbound inquiries.

Leads identified

Sales meetings conducted

Revenue generated

Return on Investment

LA Driver Education

LA Driver Education is one of the only two Louisiana-certified driver education and safety courses on the web today. LA Driver knew that making the right investment into their sales team would be critical to the success of their brand and their clients; thus, they hired Fulcrum to take over as their inside sales partner.

With this engagement, Fulcrum has been responsible for identifying, qualifying, prioritizing, and engaging sales leads. In addition, Fulcrum is responsible for developing and enhancing customer relationships over time so that LA Driver Education can fully execute their mission of educating automotive drivers across the state in an effort to make the roads a safer place.

Months Engaged

Gross Sales Increase

Customer Growth Rate

Cardiovascular Institute

The Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) provides numerous cardiology services to patients and hospital partners throughout the US. Currently, they are expanding their Telecardiology Service Program to rural hospitals, critical access hospitals and tertiary hospital systems nationwide.

CIS was prepared to invest in a sales team but wanted to be certain that their force was robust, proven, and successful at building appropriate, sustainable, and value-added customer relationships – Enter Fulcrum. Fulcrum has been charged with developing and refining an outbound sales and marketing strategy. In addition, Fulcrum is fully executing said strategy and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

sales activities conducted

Revenues generated

Executive sales meetings conducted

Contracts in pipeline

Hospital contracts secured

Return on Investment

Lake Area Anesthesia

Lake Area Anesthesia provides IV sedation and general anesthesia services to dental patients in the offices of general and pediatric dentists, throughout the state of Louisiana.

Fulcrum Sales & Marketing was engaged to develop an outbound sales and marketing strategy. The sales activities being conducted by Fulcrum’s team are drop-ins, cold calls, and email campaigns.

Leads generated

Face-to-face sales meetings conducted

New customers secured

Return on Investment


Stuller, Inc. is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the world. They have several outbound sales teams with various responsibilities and various sales targets, throughout the organization.

Fulcrum was hired to create a custom training program for the Diamond and Gemstone team as well as the Front-of-store sales team. The goal was to better serve Stuller’s customers through needs-based, consultative selling.

18 salespeople trained

24 weeks of training content and exercises developed and delivered

Closing ratios were increased by 213% as a result of the training

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security is a national-recognized franchiser of managed security and patrol services throughout the United States. The owners of the Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans markets engaged Fulcrum’s team to help secure new sales opportunities for their sales executives.

Fulcrum’s team of sales and marketing professionals worked tirelessly to develop an outbound sales and marketing strategy, identify sales leads, reach out to decision-makers and secure sales opportunities.

Months engaged

Sales activities conducted

Face-to-face meetings secured

Service proposals submitted


SchoolMint retained Fulcrum Sales & Marketing, LLC in April of 2021 to help co-create an outreach strategy for two newly acquired partners, Whetstone and Connect, and their product lines. SchoolMint’s ideal customer profile was loosely defined as principals and district leaders within public/private schools and public-school districts.

Over the next eight months, Fulcrum fully immersed their team into SchoolMint’s workflow and sales development team, working seamlessly with VP and Director-level leadership. Fulcrum’s team consisted of four Sales Development Reps, one Sales Manager and one Sales Enablement Rep which supported SchoolMint’s four internal sales development reps spread across multiple states.

The ideal customer profile’s definition was honed in through iterative testing and market validation. Key market insights, such as, frequently raised objections, competitors, decision making chains in large district, etc. were revealed and shared with SchoolMint’s leadership. Results of effort are below:

meetings were landed (MQLs)

SQLs were generated (59%)

net new school district customers were won (14%)

day average meeting to win cycle


Abre.io retained Fulcrum Sales & Marketing, LLC in December of 2021 to help co-create and execute an outreach strategy. Abre has historically faced a challenge with positioning itself in the market. With a vast amount of point solutions existing under a wide umbrella of services, Abre’s team is faced with creating, testing, and selecting the very best and few go-to-market strategies that best showcase their value proposition to the right market through the right channel of communication.

Over the initial six months of outreach, Fulcrum was able to research and enrich over 2500 contacts that matched the ideal customer profile. Over 9,000 outreach activities have been conducted against said contacts. 

Results are below:

meetings have been landed (MQLs)

SQLs were converted (60%)

net new customers have been won (44%)

day average meeting to win cycle


FlyGuys retained Fulcrum Sales & Marketing, LLC in to develop and execute a proactive sales outreach program for their drone services company. Their ideal customer profile was loosely defined as project managers, operations directors, directors of drone, etc. within the land surveying, construction, and energy industries.

Over the next six months, Fulcrum worked closely with the senior leadership team at FlyGuys to understand their go-to-market strategy and dial in a target audience(s), outreach channel(s), and outreach messaging that produced positive results for proactive growth.

Below are the results thus far:

cold leads researched, generated, and enriched

SQLs converted (71%)

cold activities conducted across contacts

Requests for proposal/quotes generated

meetings have been landed (MQLs)

in proposals/quotes generated

net new customers have been won (11.5%)

The Heinein Group

The Heinen Group is a primary care practice located in Eunice, LA. The Heinen Group retained Fulcrum to help market and promote their Smoking Cessation program and services to inbound leads coming in through Facebook and other social channels. Fulcrum was provided a list of leads that had already been worked by internal staff and thus these leads were deemed “cold” in nature.

Over the 18-month engagement, Fulcrum was able to generate over 609 patient engagements averaging 33 new patient engagements per month. Fulcrum’s team was fully integrated into The Heinen Group’s EMR system, and all patient data was handled to HIPPA standards. Patients reported a high degree of satisfaction with having a live person reach out and discuss cessation options!


The primary channel for outreach was the telephone.

Healthy Heart Clinics

Healthy Heart Clinics of America is a multi-location primary care physician group that has recently integrated Remote Patient Monitoring into its care management portfolio. Challenged with the need to promote this new service to patients, they turned to Fulcrum Sales and Marketing, LLC to promote these services to a subset of their existing patient population via outreach efforts.

Results from the three-month campaign are below:

Location 1:

70% of the entire subset of patients was reached, made aware and educated on RPM service offerings

4% of the patient population was interested in learning more about services over an in-office consultation with a care coordinator


Location 2:

90% of the patients within the subset were reached, made aware and educated on RPM service offerings

15% of the patient population was interested in learning more about services over an in-office consultation with a care coordinator